Tito Francis "Daddy Longleg" Nimblenubbin

Gnome Arcane Trickster


Race: Rock gnome
Gender: Male
Height: 3’ 3’’
Weight: 43 lbs
Age: 43

Tito is a quirky gnome. Compared to the average citizen of the Gnome Collective, he is far more curious and chaotic a character. He is also irresistibly drawn to large and/or powerful women. That said, magic and history are his foremost interests, though he is quick to investigate any field of academia. Tito does posses the typical gnome sense of humor, (which is largely focused on practical jokes and trickery) and tendency to be petty and vengeful- even for small offenses. His manner of speech is rambling and focused on detail, as is typical of gnomes, as well.

Tito is hairier than your average gnome, but largely adheres to their work uniform despite traveling far from home- he sports typical gnomewear, which consists of a conical red hat and a form lederhosen/overalls. Tito’s clothes are far dirtier and worn than any typical gnome as he does not have access to a fresh set, though he does not mind. He has also begun taking to accenting his clothing with non-regulation flair, which, under normal circumstances, would warrant a citation and fine in the Collective.


Tito is one of ten children. His family was harmonious and happy, as are all gnome homes. This, however, did not keep him from acting up. Though gifted intellectually, he was prone to being hyper and rambunctious as a child, (by gnome standards). Tito’s mother, (who was Greatmother in Tito’s Domicile District and decorated with the Order of Maternal Glory) has been known to blame Tito’s disposition not only on his refusal to eat enough nutriment paste, but also on her husband’s lineage. There are rumors that Tito’s father’s great grandmother was actually a dwarf.

The only subjects that kept his attention were classes he found exciting- tales of battles, stories of powerful magical weapons, and descriptions of people and places far away. The Office of Career Placement tracked him into higher education in the History, Lore, and Records Department after his compulsory 20 years of lower education had been completed. Over the next 5 years Tito would learn much and heard his calling. Shortly after graduation he convinced his mentor Sub-secretary of Records GR2.6 Rogers Punimin to allow him to take the Civil Service Exam for Antiquarian 10th Grade- which is unheard of for a gnome to get at the mere age of 35.

While education and work had given him something on which to focus himself, life in the Gnome Collective chafed him more each passing day. The orderliness of his fellow citizens, the strict adherence to the 12 hour work days, and the dull routine wore him down until he would act out just for some variety. After a minor incident during Jermaine’s son’s naming ceremony and a small scuffle with a coworker in GC35.4, (which is a specific section of the Pinkerton Library) Tito suddenly and conveniently declared that he had completed his research on focus of 8 years on the legendary Pillar of King Goldemar. He brashly asserted that the only additional information needed to pinpoint its location was available in the Overworld. He filed for official an official license of leave by the Bureau of State External Affairs, (a request which was expedited by Sub-secretary Punimin) and left his home behind in search of his treasure.

Tito Francis "Daddy Longleg" Nimblenubbin

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