Centuries have passed since the fall of the great empire of the First Elves- an uprising of enslaved humanity, supported by the various demihuman and monstrous races, shattered what all thought would be the eternal society. Now ruins litter the landscape, pure white stone a stark contrast to the wilderness that has sprung up in absence of the First Elves' order. 

Humanity struggles to regain a semblance of civilization, with feudal kingdoms rising and falling as the years pass. The First Elves are gone, and their children have retreated to their once-grand cities, but without a uniting ruler they struggle to find direction in a world that shuns their very existence. 

It is a land rife with chaos, but in chaos opportunity can be found! Individuals that sense this and grasp at it are called many names: adventurers, ratcatchers, campaigners. All these mean the same thing: someone who isn't afraid of danger, or has been thrust into danger continuously without giving into their fear. 

Can you grasp greatness and glory, or is adventure a false rung on life's ladder, threatening to pitch you headfirst into defeat and death?